Wrapping Up and Planning Ahead: Navigating Mid-semester Evaluations (Bonus Episode)
School: After HoursDecember 12, 2023x
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Wrapping Up and Planning Ahead: Navigating Mid-semester Evaluations (Bonus Episode)

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Ever wish you had a guidebook to navigate staff assessments and effective planning for your after-school program? We've got you covered in this episode of School After Hours. Join your host, Jay Lee as she unpacks the essentials of wrapping up the first half of the school year. We delve into the significance of mid-semester evaluations, looking at everything from transitions and group interactions to schedule adherence. Hear about the need for staff assessments around October or November, the value of observing student engagement, and how offering resources and suggestions can bolster improvement.

But we don't stop there! Is your program losing students? We tackle this head-on, emphasizing the importance of reviewing enrollment numbers and addressing any hurdles causing students to leave. Jay talks about the need to touch base with program providers, review the curriculum, and even plan for weather-related disruptions. We underscore the importance of reflecting on the year's highs and lows with your team and collecting feedback from the students. And yes, we've got goals - setting them for the next part of the school year, that is. Stay tuned for an announcement about an upcoming workshop for more insights on effective planning. So, ready to elevate your after-school program? Let's dive in!

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