S 4 EP 11: Community Conversations: Creating An Animation Revolution feat. Jasmine Katatikarn
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S 4 EP 11: Community Conversations: Creating An Animation Revolution feat. Jasmine Katatikarn

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In this episode, Jasmine Katatikarn shares her journey in the animation industry and discusses how she started an after-school program in New York City. She explains that her motivation to start the program was to increase diversity in animation and create awareness of the various creative opportunities available to children. Jasmine highlights the importance of reaching out to the younger generation and providing them with the tools and skills to pursue careers in animation. She also emphasizes the need for diversity in the animation industry and shares her personal experiences as a woman in the male-dominated field of visual effects.

Guest Bio:

Jasmine Katatikarn is a creative leader in the animation, VFX, and tech industries. She is a Design Tech Manager and co-founded the Academy of Animated Art, an online school dedicated to empowering individuals with the creative skills needed to elevate their careers. Balancing her role as a dedicated mom of two, Jasmine harmonizes professional excellence and family life. Her newest initiative, an after-school animation program that combines art with STEM, showcases her dedication to making a lasting impact and nurturing creativity in the next generation.


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