S 4 EP 10: Community Conversations: Is College The Answer? feat. Candy Pambu Martin
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S 4 EP 10: Community Conversations: Is College The Answer? feat. Candy Pambu Martin

Ever wondered if the traditional college path is the only road to success? Kandee Martin joins us to shatter this myth, revealing a spectrum of post-graduation options that can lead to a fulfilling and debt-free future. From the virtues of apprenticeships and trade schools to the enriching experiences of gap years, we discuss how these alternatives might just be the smarter choice for many students. Kandee's insights will have you rethinking the one-track mindset toward a college education and considering how earning while learning could be the key to unlocking a prosperous career.

Guest(s) Bio:

Candy Pambu Martin is a Christian, wife, mother, and edupreneur, in that order. An immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Candy pursued education as a tool for achievement and success. She has a B. A in Political Science from NC State University and a M.S. in Education concentration in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University. An alum of Teacher for America, Candy has spent 12 years in education as a teacher, MTLD, and various other roles.

After grad school, she started a college prep business that helped students plan for college early and avoid college debt. Candy worked with 100+ students to secure more than $500,000 in scholarships. Among her clients were students who are Gates scholars and debt-free college graduates. As she ran her business, she simultaneously worked as a cofounder of a startup that built an app to scale college prep for students at an affordable rate (less than the price of a Netflix subscription). What started out as the Undecided App is now called Mapt.

In 2022, Candy shifted gears and started working with a different demographic. She is the owner of Biblical Wives, a company that prepares Christian, single women for the husbands God has for them through coaching, Bible Study, courses, and YouTube. Ultimately, Candy's mission is to share the gospel and its impact on love, dating, and marriage. In a world where marriage is on the decline and Christian dating doesn't seem to differ from secular dating, Candy focuses on the gospel as the core of marriage and practical applications in preparation for marriage.


Mapt College Planning App

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