The Reason

Have you ever...

Have you ever looked for something online, and just could not find it?  You have this idea and picture in your mind but the results that pop up do not match what you envisioned. That's what I experienced when I was looking for a podcast that truly expressed the value of Out-of-School-Time programming from the point of view of parents, students, and professionals. This gave me the idea to create the School: After Hours podcast to talk about real topics in the OST and Youth Development field. I want this to be a space where all parties involved can talk about a multitude of topics, share resources, build relationships, and continue to promote the positive work OST programs are doing with students.  

About me...

Hello There! My name is Jenice. I am a New York native, but I live in Virginia. My passion for education and youth development lead me to a career in Out-of-School-Time programming. When I think about it, my career started with a disappointment that turned into purpose. Let me tell you what happened.

Originally, I wanted to be a teacher. I always knew I wanted to work with youth to invest in them like many of my teachers and mentors invested in me. Therefore, I went to college to major in Elementary Education and it did not go well. On my 7th attempt to pass the Praxis exam, I had to come to the gripping reality that my dream of becoming a teacher was not going to come true. But I still had the desire to work in education. One of my college advisors told me to look at other careers in education and that's when I learned about Out-of-School-Time professionals. That was my aha moment and I've been in OST programming ever since then. Seven years later, I still love what I do. I've been fortunate to serve in multiple roles over the years such as assistant site coordinator, manager of instruction, center director, intern coordinator, and more. Each role helped me develop a different skill to add to my professional toolbox but also gave me a chance to develop some great relationships along the way. Some of those wonderful people will be on the show sharing their insight about OST programming, too.  So don't be surprised if I turn into "Chatty Cathie" on the mic.

Overall, I hope you enjoy what you hear and share us with who you know, so the world will be aware of the impact that we make.