S4 EP 13: The Entrepreneurship Series: Keeping The Lights On feat. Darye Henry
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S4 EP 13: The Entrepreneurship Series: Keeping The Lights On feat. Darye Henry

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In this episode, our guest Darye Henry discusses after-school programming from an entrepreneur's perspective. Darye shares his experience of watching his mom start an after-school program and how his involvement prepared him for his role as a CEO and Founder of After School HQ. We dive into the challenges of attracting and retaining students, maximizing effectiveness, and reporting impact to funders. Daria also highlights the importance of storytelling and finding a co-founder or partner with the same passion and energy. Tune in to equip yourself with the necessary tools and tips that will help your program flourish. 

Guest Bio:

Darye Henry, Co-founder and CEO of AfterSchool HQ, has dedicated his life to fostering youth development. After experiencing burnout from being overextended as a program provider, he created AfterSchool HQ to empower youth program providers with tools to manage and expand their organizations efficiently. Previously, Darye served 8 years as Chairman of the Felege Hiywot Center, a youth-led urban farm championing leadership and STEM education.

A Purdue University alumnus, Darye's commitment to mentoring has spanned over 6 years in youth ministry, and he continues this noble endeavor today. Beyond his professional pursuits, he cherishes his family life, celebrating two decades of marriage and being a devoted father to three children.

 Afterschool HQ Website - https://go.afterschoolhq.com/

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