S 4 BE: The Turning Point: Success Beyond The Bell feat. Principal Monica Murray
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S 4 BE: The Turning Point: Success Beyond The Bell feat. Principal Monica Murray

Discover the future of after-school programs with Principal Monica Murray of John Marshall High School, as she shares the innovative approaches taken to prepare students for the world beyond academia. Take a peek behind the curtain of education's evolution where vocational training meets entrepreneurial spirit, empowering students to step directly into the workforce or launch their own ventures post-graduation. This episode is a treasure trove of insights, from interactive skill workshops to specialized support for student-athletes, showcasing how education can be a launchpad for creativity and success.

Guest(s) Bio:

Monica Murray is a dedicated education professional with a passion for fostering student and staff success through the mastery of learning, the cultivation of meaningful relationships, and the delivery of timely feedback to optimize student engagement. With a career marked by a commitment to educational excellence, Monica has consistently demonstrated her ability to create environments that promote growth and achievement.

In her current role as a Principal, Monica continues to exemplify leadership and vision. Building on her previous experience as an Assistant Principal at Armstrong High School, she has been instrumental in establishing clear goals for curriculum and instruction. Monica's emphasis on backward design for lesson plans, strategic allocation of resources, and regular teacher evaluations has contributed significantly to the overall improvement of student learning outcomes and growth.

Monica's journey in education began as a teacher in the Richmond Public School (RPS) system, where she taught at Thomas C. Boushall Middle, Onslow Minis Middle School, George Wythe High School, and John Marshall High School. Her outstanding contributions to the field were recognized when she was named an RPS Teacher of the Year Finalist and an R.E.B. Award for Teaching Excellence Finalist.

Monica holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Virginia Union University, a testament to her dedication to academic excellence. She furthered her education at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning both a Master's Degree and a Certificate of Educational Leadership. Monica's educational background, coupled with her practical experience, reflects her ongoing commitment to the advancement of education and the empowerment of students and educators alike.


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