S 4 EP 6: The Workshop Series: Numbers Change The Game feat. Rodrick Johnson
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S 4 EP 6: The Workshop Series: Numbers Change The Game feat. Rodrick Johnson

Buckle up, listeners, for an enriching conversation with our remarkable guest, Rodrick Johnson. Not only is he a literacy coach, but he's the CEO who's making waves in the Baltimore City Public School System. How, you ask? Johnson has created a unique framework and applied a transformational leadership approach to ensure long-term success for teachers and students alike. His belief in using data in education is inspiring, and he shares how it can serve as a roadmap for educators and aid daily operations, laying a solid foundation for student performance.

As we delve into the intricacies of data in educational strategies, we tackle the significance of assessing how students ask for support and why teachers need to possess instructional confidence. This isn't all theoretical, though, as we bridge the gap between theory and application, showing how educators can develop their skills to build a trust relationship with their students. And we don’t stop there - Johnson and I further explore how teachers can construct an effective academic improvement plan while taking into account their students' historical data, mindset, and cultural background.

Guest Bio

Rodrick C. Johnson is a literacy coach, doctoral student, founder, and CEO of The Johnson Experience LLC. He specializes in helping teachers find the hidden talents that make them the “CEO of their own classroom experience.” After developing their newfound superpowers, he introduces the teachers to data-informed instruction. This is said to be done to transform them from ordinary to legendary teachers! After spending six years creating unique learning experiences for children, he found a passion for professional development, teacher support, and school leadership.

 In 2020, he became a Great Minds Fellow, which allowed him to start his journey into professional development. The fellowship allowed him to share his unique teacher-supporting style with over 500 teachers and school leaders in the United States. He has supported new curriculum adoptions and coached teachers in 10 states. He is now pursuing a doctorate from Morgan State University, hoping to one-day change policy to help teacher preparation.

 Rodrick holds a degree from Coppin State University and a master’s in education from Grand Canyon University.

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