S 4 EP 5: The Entrepreneurship Series: Afterschool Programs Are Businesses, Too feat. Kenrick Wagner
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S 4 EP 5: The Entrepreneurship Series: Afterschool Programs Are Businesses, Too feat. Kenrick Wagner

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In this episode, Kenrick takes us on a roller coaster ride of his journey in creating the afterschool program, Game Time. From establishing an LLC to expanding during the pandemic, Kenrick leaves no stone unturned. He also shares the importance of agility and adaptation, which led his team to pivot to a teaching artist model during the pandemic. And just when you think we're wrapping up, Kenrick imparts some thought-provoking wisdom on the keys to success in youth development. All in all, this is an episode you won't want to miss. Join us as we venture into the beautiful intersection of art and education.

Guest Bio

Kenrick Wagner is a social entrepreneur and hip-hop artist with over 15 years of professional musical experience as a music educator, performer, recording artist, author, and producer. Mr. Wagner's life's work has been dedicated to providing top-quality youth programming and building a generation of leaders that will use creativity to learn and thrive. Kenrick believes that one of the biggest challenges we face today in youth development is building an inclusive culture for young people to express themselves through music. 

To address these issues Kenrick has created "It's a Rap for Good: Creating Positive Classroom Culture" a workshop that introduces educators to techniques and tools that break the barriers of hip-hop culture in the classroom. This workshop has been well received by both regional and national organizations. 

As a Hip Hop Artist and producer, Kenrick has released 3 albums, BQE Volume 1 and BQE Volume 2 and The Maturation of Mister Wagner. Kenrick is currently working on a fourth project "Maturation 2" scheduled to be released in 2023. Kenrick has secured Keynotes with the American Camping Association, NJSACC, Affinity Health New York, and various companies nationwide. In addition, Mr. Wagner has also been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fox 5 News, and Beyonce's Bey Good Foundation for work in partnership with Statebags Incorporated www.statebags.com.

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