SE 3 EP 10: School Boards - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly feat. AJ Crabill
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SE 3 EP 10: School Boards - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly feat. AJ Crabill

School Boards! School boards are a major part of our national conversation right now but many people aren't even familiar with the kind of power, authority, and effect they have on school policies, budgets, student outcomes, and more. Today we're going to explore this together.

In this episode, AJ Crabill (School Board Coach) talks with us about the areas where school boards fall short and how they can improve to better serve their communities. He also talks about his new book, Great On Their Behalf: Why School Boards Fail, How Yours Can Become Effective”.

Guest Bio

Improving student outcomes is Airick Journey Crabill’s relentless focus. He currently serves as the Conservator at DeSoto, Texas, Independent School District. During his guidance, DeSoto made double-digit literacy gains and improved from having F ratings in areas of academics, finance, and governance to the district earning B ratings. He’s also Faculty at the Leadership Institution of Nevada; a Collaborator with the Effective School Boards Initiative; and a National Director of Governance at the Council of the Great City Schools in Washington, DC. He served as Deputy Commissioner at the Texas Education Agency, and he spearheaded reforms as board chair of Kansas City (MO) Public Schools that doubled the percentage of students who are literate and numerate and eventually led KCPS to full accreditation for the first time in decades. Crabill received the Education Commission of the State's James Bryant Conant Award, which recognizes extraordinary individual contributions to education.

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