SE 3 EP 13: Active Learning Through Physical Fitness feat. Stacy Baugues
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SE 3 EP 13: Active Learning Through Physical Fitness feat. Stacy Baugues

Get ready to be inspired and empowered! Join us for a conversation with Stacy Baugues (CEO of Power Up Fitness) as she shares her journey into out-of-school time programming and how she came up with the game-changing concept of Power Up Fitness. We're excited to share some of the awesome games from her curriculum, as well as the exciting ways she's adapting to the needs of today's programming. Let's power up and get into this interview!

Guest(s) Bio

Stacy Baugues, MS, is a pediatric exercise physiologist and founder of PowerUp Fitness, an organization that empowers youth through fitness, education, and fun. Stacy has been at the intersection of education, out-of-school time, and wellness since 2006. She has diverse leadership experience building cross-sector teams to support whole child health and has published research highlighting physical activity and academic achievement. Stacy supports OST professionals by sharing adaptable, equipment-free active learning resources and physical activities. Her resources are validated and recommended in the USDA Snap-Ed Toolkit and shared nationwide through partnerships with Active Schools US and soon, Mizzen by Mott. 

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