Episode # 12: A Helping Hand feat. Z-LIFE
School: After HoursApril 26, 2021x
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Episode # 12: A Helping Hand feat. Z-LIFE

Too often, there are no support systems available to help young adults find a career path when they graduate from high school. In this episode, I talk with Mr. Sam Brown about the pilot program Z-Life that was created to address this issue in the Richmond area. Join us as we talk about Z-Life and how it is helping young adults move forward. 

Bullet points of key topics

  • Knowing options after graduations
  • Certification vs. 4-year degree
  • Student loan debt impacts employment options 
  • What Z-Life offers to help young adults succeed

List of resource(s)

  • Certifications can increase your earning potential article

Link: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/certificate-programs-high-paying-jobs-minus-the-debt

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Episode # 12: A Helping Hand feat. Z-LIFE